Every Bride Brings Something Different to the Table


...And it just so happens that Sloane brought cake! Sloane and Michael were married on September 24, 2016 at the Mitchell House in Lebanon, Tennessee. I could tell as soon as I arrived how genuine they were. I felt like I fit right in with their sweet families - in fact, they had a sign that gave a nod to The Lord of the Rings ("No admittance except on party business") at the reception so I knew these were my kind of people. But it was the cakes (yes, plural!) that really impressed me. Sloane has a cake business and created a wide variety of artistically designed cakes for her own wedding reception. Because, you know, I'm sure she didn't have enough else to worry about in the hours before her wedding :) But that's just the type of person I discovered she is: A loving daughter, friend, and bride making sure every last detail of her own wedding was baked with personal sentiment. And my friend Nita Baggot of Nashville Event Planning helped Sloane achieve her dream wedding by creating a tea party-like reception. Check out the dainty details and amazing cakes in the highlight reel below.