When the Bride is Your Cousin...

If you've followed my work at all you know how thankful I am to have had such amazing, kind, wonderful brides! I can honestly say I've never had a "Bridezilla," I've never been treated unfairly, and I've remained friends or at least in touch with my past clients. From what I hear this is a rare gift and I am so grateful for it! I feel invested in not only the actual footage I shoot on their wedding days, but the stories I capture and the marriages that begin. 

But something else happens when it's the wedding of someone I know personally. And before you think I'm about to say I don't do weddings for friends and family because I'm worried about relationships and the strain it may cause... I feel totally the opposite! Something else happens when I have the privilege of shooting the wedding of someone I know. Something more.

This summer, I shot engagement photos for some of my friends. I shot wedding photos for some other friends. And in September, I was able to shoot the wedding video for my cousin Katie! 

Getting to "work" with some of my favorite people in the world was a dream. And not just because they're far more likely to do whatever I ask them :) Having that much more insight into the bride's personality makes the day even more fun. Having a personal connection to the couple makes me light up even more than I usually do during my editing process. 

And Katie and Eric, I hope this makes you light up even more than that! Love you guys.