What Does a "Getting Ready" Clip Look Like?


The one type of footage that I find brides on a distinct side of the fence about is "getting ready" footage. They either can't wait to see it or don't want it at all. And I understand why: in order to have a videographer present when you're getting ready, you'll need us there at least an extra 90 minutes early (and in many cases, 2+ hours early). That's because the girls start getting ready long before the ceremony in order to have plenty of time for photos, makeup and mimosas! Additionally, some brides don't think these moments beforehand make for the most glamorous footage. I totally get that as well and it's personal preference!

If you book an appropriate package, you could choose to have these moments not only in your highlight reel, but also on your final DVD or hard drive. In effort to give you a better expectation of how this clip turns out, I've posted the first 2(ish) minutes of my darling bride Harley's "getting ready" clip.

As you'll see, this is not as polished as a highlight reel - it's more documentary style. I'll start out with some glimpses of hair, makeup, the dress, etc. set to music chosen by the bride. Then, as we get into more interesting, candid moments, I'll bring the music down so you can hear the dialogue that was happening in the room. For purposes of this clip (and Harley's privacy!) I edited her getting into the dress down by quite a bit for this online sneak peek.

I'm still putting Harley's highlight reel together, and while I will probably use a few of these shots there, I won't use most of them and you can probably see why. If you value this type of footage, it's nice to have a stand-alone clip on the DVD since there is obviously more going on than I could ever fit into a highlight reel!

Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to expect if you invite us to "get ready" with you! This clip is always included in the Wedding Weekend package, and depending on your day-of timeline and how you want to use your hours, you could also have it in the Wedding Day package. I'd love to hear from you to discuss the possibilities!