Brandi + Darrius + the prettiest wedding flowers ever


What a fun wedding this was to shoot! We joined Brandi and Darrius at 3pm on their happy day, as the bridesmaids were getting dolled up and the guys were starting their photo shoot. Brandi was so relaxed and everything made her laugh, so we knew this would be an awesome wedding. One thing that made me laugh was that the little flower girl's name was also Naomi. Imagine my confusion by constantly hearing, "Naomi, don't do that!" "Naomi, get over here!" Before I realized that they were talking to the one year old, I really thought I was making everyone upset. I haven't heard my name called like that, in a scolding tone, for many years ;)

Brandi's hair, makeup, dress and accessories were, in my opinion, perfection. She absolutely sparkled. It took a few people to get her puffy skirt on just right, and I was able to capture some of that comedy for the highlight reel. As she walked down the aisle toward Darrius, he looked so proud!

But it was the reception at Millennium Maxwell House Hotel that really took my breath away. Chris and I had never been to this hotel before, and it's beautiful! Brandi and Darrius had rented out the ballroom on the top floor, and the sunset view of Nashville was magnificent. We felt lucky to be there! And the flowers. Oh, the flowers! There was a gorgeous arch of hundreds of flowers hanging over the head table, and each round table had romantic clusters of tall and short bouquets. Brandi was sweet enough to include a place setting for us and the photographer for the meal, and the staff took exceptional care of us. The gesture was so appreciated, and I'll never forget that Brandi was so thoughtful to do that for us!

The dance floor was among the liveliest we've ever seen, partially thanks to their amazing DJ. He had the best jams! Everyone had a ball. Check out the highlights from their two-camera Wedding Day Package below: