When a Highlight Reel Makes You Cry - Allyson + Will


I'm kind of a sap. When it comes to weddings there are several moments that I have to watch out for. Yes, even when I am shooting them, and my husband/second shooter/Chris teases me for it. One that always gets me is the Father-Daughter dance. It might seem a little ridiculous, because in most cases I have only met the bride once and have never seen her father before, but it doesn't matter. The tears well up! Maybe it's because my dad isn't a very emotional guy and we didn't even do the Father-Daughter dance at my wedding. Or maybe it's the sheer thought of all that the bride's father must be feeling in that moment. Whatever it is, it gets me every time. Full disclosure: I didn't get to shoot Allyson and Will's wedding. Another Tie the Knot Videography shooter, Connor, did all the shooting and I edited the highlight reel and other clips. So I didn't have to hold back tears in person for this particular wedding, but even watching the footage back got to me. At one point Allyson's dad picked her up off her toes - just like he probably did when she was a little girl - and hugged her tight. I had to include that in the highlight reel, as you'll see below. And then another sweet moment got to me during the First Dance.

Allyson and Will were whispering into each other's ears, which to me is one of the most romantic things in the world. And they were just beaming with smiles. It wasn't staged or forced for the cameras, they were truly in their own little world. Combine that with the song Allyson chose - "Hundred More Years" by Francesca Battistelli - and let the waterworks begin. I had never heard this song before, which is really saying something. I'm not sure how many highlight reels I've edited at this point, but it's a lot! Probably more than 50. So when a love song comes along that I don't recognize, I'm excited. Because I take so much care in editing each couple's highlight reel to fit their moments and my footage with their song choice, lyrics are a big deal to me. I like to sync everything up to create a goosebumps moment. For me, and hopefully for Allyson, this song provided a few of those.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful, brand-new Mr. & Mrs. Here's Allyson + Will...