April Fools'! A Surprise Wedding at Arrington Vineyards

Imagine my surprise when Kiah, a sweet young woman from Houston, sent me an e-mail requesting my services for her "surprise wedding"! She explained: "The thing is... it's a surprise for our families. They think we will be attending a private wine tasting but we are springing a wedding on them! Are you OK with playing along?" Was I EVER okay with playing along. I adore surprises. Weddings make me so happy. And we get to combine the two?! I couldn't wait to help them pull this off.

I arrived at the gorgeous Lilac House at Arrington Vineyards around 3:30PM. To be honest, I had no idea that Arrington Vineyards had houses available to rent for private events (and they're not even terribly expensive). It was perfect! They had a table set up inside a screened-in patio where four bottles of wine we ready for the "tasting." Kiah and Shane's families were moseying around, under the impression that I was there to film some promotional footage for Arrington. Which, by the way, if anyone at Arrington reads this, I am totally available for. I take cash, check, or wine. ;)

Around 4PM, Kiah disappeared upstairs to change from her day clothes into her wedding dress. She gave her dad the courtesy of calling for him after she was ready, and she then revealed to only him what was about to happen. A few minutes later, the officiant informed the family that they were not, in fact, here for a wine tasting. Kiah and her father appeared in the doorway of the porch with beaming smiles! Everyone became giddy and emotional - success. I breathed a sigh of relief, ha!

Now in case you're wondering, we worked out a custom package for Kiah's special day. It's true that the majority of the brides I work with end up tailoring one of my basic packages in some way to fit exactly what they need. We started with the Ceremony Only package and basically added a brief, "mini" highlight reel. Check it out:

This was basically the best April Fools' joke I've ever seen. Definitely beats that one time I put my boss' stapler in Jell-o... Congratulations Kiah and Shane! Thank you for inviting me to be part of your sweet, intimate day.