If Rain Means Good Luck on Your Wedding Day...


...Then Barry and Kristy will be together FOREVER. :) Kristy was so persistent in trying to wait out the rain, because Barry had built and decorated, by hand, a gorgeous arch for them to be married beneath. When I trekked out with an umbrella to see it, I could see why it was so important to her. There it was, in a field now full of puddles, in all its elegance. But the sky was dark grey and thick with clouds, and the ceremony had already been delayed over an hour. When Kristy was finally convinced that the show must go on under a white tent that was meant for the reception dinner, my heart broke for her. She was so disappointed. It was that moment I knew we had to incorporate that special arch into her photos and video somehow. Barry (who is Nathan Fillion's doppelganger, no?) and Kristy's DIY wedding had SO many adorable, sentimental details it was hard to fit most of them in their Highlight Reel. The barn wall adorned with photos of their loved ones who had passed on was really moving. Check out the reel below for some Southern inspiration, if not for their precious "First Looks" that always makes me smile from ear to ear.

Kristy really overcame a lot on her wedding day! Less than ideal weather and a tear in her dress that had to be sewn up to name a couple. But to see Barry support her and try to cheer her up was a special thing. Once they had said their vows, the rain had gone from a downpour to a drizzle. After the ceremony I suggested we go out to the arch with umbrellas and take some photos and video. The photos turned out AMAZING and I love the couple shots I was able to capture on video, balancing an umbrella over my camera, too.