"Crazy Love" Story - Jason + Bonnie


The best compliment my former boss ever gave me was when he told me I was a great storyteller. It meant so much that anyone would think that about me, since telling stories - whether it be through writing, video, photos, etc. - is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I hope I lived up to that endorsement when putting together Jason and Bonnie's highlight reel. I feel as though I did, because I caught myself smiling while editing. Sometimes that is the greatest reward of doing all this: feeling a smile that has crept across your face without realizing it. Affirmation that you're doing what makes your soul happy. (I'm sure it also helps that they chose a Michael Buble song.) My account of the story that is August 8, 2015 begins with Bonnie arriving at Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art with her mom and two sisters. It was a joy spending time with these beautiful, kind women as they got ready. The setting was classic and breathtaking, and Bonnie was truly stunning in her dress. It was as if that dress was made just for her! I absolutely loved her hair, too. 100% Pinterest-worthy.

No first looks for Jason, which was definitely for the best because otherwise we may not have seen him shed tears as Bonnie walked down the aisle. That moment was ridiculously sweet, and still wasn't my favorite of the day. More on that later.

THE FLOWERS. AT THIS WEDDING. I don't think I've ever seen prettier flowers. They were full and soft and romantic and made of everything you dream of when you're playing princess-bride dress up as a little girl. Just me? Okay... but seriously, I was a little obsessed. I shot so much footage of the flowers and tried to put them in the highlight reel as much as I could without feeling like it was overkill.

But my favorite shots come from their first dance. Sure, it was obvious by then how in love they were. But during their first dance they seemed most themselves, just soaking in each other's presence. Just watch Bonnie's eyes light up in the close-ups. Smiles, whispers, laughs... it was like a scene out of a Nicholas Sparks movie. Magical.

I hope you enjoy their highlight reel/story below. Jason and Bonnie, here's to many years of happiness in your love story...

Please note: To view in HD, click the little gear icon in the lower right corner of the YouTube window and select "1080."