A Thousand Reasons to Watch Kenneth + Ashley


Okay, I don't have a thousand reasons. But they chose "A Thousand Years" for their highlight reel and here's a few reasons to check it out: June 27, 2015 was a dimple-hurting happy day. That's how much everyone was smiling (including me). I love it when we get brides who are just so relaxed and literally blissful in their excitement and love. Ashley was one of those brides. She was living in the moment - an example of that was during their vows, upon repeating her part of the vows "I receive you as my husband," she thoroughly enjoyed every syllable of the phrase. I had to include that bit in the highlight reel because it was too adorable.

Ashley was referred to me by another one of my favorite brides, Rita. You can read about her wedding here. My second shooter (read: husband) Chris and I were privileged to start the day early with the Ashley and Kenneth. We were able to capture the precious, happy moments of their preparations for the day. Their beautiful, care-free spirits set the tone for everyone. My absolute favorite moment was when Ashley walked down the aisle, seeing Kenneth's reaction. He shook his head in disbelief (I mean, she was a bombshell) and covered his mouth. This was the first of several times Kenneth held back tears during the ceremony. Their pastor did a phenomenal job officiating the ceremony with a smart, sincere message. Kenneth and Ashley had prepared personal vows for each other and drew plenty of "Awww's" from the congregation during their vows.

At the reception, Ashley's sister had a special surprise for everyone. She read a heartfelt and at times laugh-out-loud funny poem to the new bride and groom, which walked everyone through her feelings about "giving her sister away." The sentiment was so sweet that Ashley requested it be used as part of her highlight reel. I love it when brides make suggestions like this - it helps me make your video even more unique. The finished product is below, and I hope it makes Ashley as happy watching it as it does me!