Allyson's "White Dress"


Joe and Allyson tied the knot outdoors on May 30, 2015 - a Tennessee day with rain in the forecast that held off until the very moment the were pronounced man and wife. As the first few raindrops fell, Allyson became a little panicked. Truth be told, so was I. I didn't want to have to replace three video cameras due to water damage! But we must have both said a prayer that was answered because by the time the wedding party had marched back down the aisle to exit, we had just enough time to run for cover. Rain clouds aside, the day couldn't have been prettier. Allyson was an absolute vision in her vintage lace dress, and Joe's handsome smile always found its way to her. These two have personalities that truly complement each other. Allyson had warned me that she involuntarily makes silly faces when being photographed or filmed - but when Joe was with her, she seemed totally at ease.

I'm totally in love with the song they chose for their highlight reel! I had never heard it before (although, readers, you may have... little known fact about me, I have a lack of pop culture knowledge; pretty much the only music that plays in my car is country, or Taylor Swift, or Taylor Swift when she was country) but as I began editing to it, I was blown away by how perfect it was for a wedding. Especially theirs. It's like the soundtrack to Joe and Allyson's wedding day. Hope you enjoy...