Corey + Anna wed in "Oz"... Nashville

Anna- -Corey.jpg

One of the classiest weddings I've ever been to, Corey and Anna's nuptials took place outdoors under the bluest October sky I have ever seen! The bride wore a perfectly cut wedding gown and the groom and his men wore grey - a look that I personally love. In fact, the gentlemen at my wedding wore grey tuxes :) Anna's brother officiated the ceremony, which not only added to the sentiment but also made for a few hilarious laughs (see highlight reel). Anna and Corey couldn't stop smiling for the whole ceremony. I've been so blessed to capture such truly happy couples! Anna has that smile that lights up a room and makes you smile right back.

This was my first time shooting at Oz, which is a relatively new venue in Nashville. It has a very modern vibe, with contemporary art at every turn. Large, unique statues and pieces adorn the outdoor portion. Inside, the area where the wedding cake stood was surrounded by several dozen pieces. The dance floor was under a roof but it was all open-air so the cool Tennessee breeze flowed freely throughout the space. It felt very different than any other wedding venue I'd filmed at. Oz definitely has a lot to offer that is all its own. I was impressed.

As a surprise during the reception, Anna and her father had prepared THE most fun father-daughter dance! I've posted it below the highlight reel because it's just too awesome not to share on its own. It's totally viral-worthy! I can only imagine how many hours they spent practicing. What a good sport her dad was! He had a ball.

What a memorable, gorgeous wedding to have been a part of. I hope Corey and Anna will treasure their wedding video for years to come!