Meaco + Rita: High on Love!

Meaco- -Rita-2-copy.jpg

When Chris and I met Meaco and Rita at our consultation, I knew right away Rita would be a FUN bride to work with! She has an electric personality and smile; it's easy to see why easy-going Meaco was drawn to her. The wedding was every bit as fun and happy as we expected from that first meeting. As you'll see in the highlight reel below, their first kiss as husband and wife was simply adorable... followed by an all-out flash mob by the wedding party at the altar! Feel free to spread this video around so it will go viral ;) I have a feeling God has wonderful things in store for this beautiful couple and their sweet family. They are raising 3 gorgeous, sweet-mannered daughters - and they all performed an awesome choreographed dance as a surprise at the reception. It was delightful to see how Meaco kept Rita laughing all day long. We wish them all the best!