Savannah + Aaron's Southern Comfort


THIS gorgeous couple was wed at Rose Mont Mansion in Gallatin, Tennessee. Savannah and Aaron were all smiles, all day! Which meant I had plenty of super sweet shots to choose from when putting their highlight reel together. Savannah chose the Economy Wedding Day package and added a third camera. That combination is my favorite example of how to get a great amount of video coverage for your wedding day on a budget! She will receive full 3-camera coverage of her ceremony, plus the highlight reel posted below, all on one DVD (or hard drive) without breaking the bank.

I arrived in plenty of time to set up for the ceremony and shot details and exteriors. When the ceremony began, Aaron took his place at the front and he just looked so handsome, happy, and at ease. And when Savannah rounded the corner for everyone to see,  the whole place was genuinely thrilled to see her on her wedding day looking so beautiful! Especially Aaron. For the duration of the wedding it was obvious that Savannah and Aaron's favorite place in this world is right next to each other, in their easy, natural love.

The reception was a blast and the groomsmen kept the dance floor very entertaining (see video)! Aaron even busted out the classic "Lawn Mower" dance move. They had an awesome cake that said "Best Day Ever" at the top, as well as an ice cream sundae bar and cupcakes, which especially delighted little ones.

Weddings like this remind me of how blessed I am to be afforded a job where I'm invited to participate in such special moments in others' lives. I really believe that it's good for the soul to be around happy people. My heart is full!

*To view in HD, please click the little gear icon in the lower left corner of the video, and select "720" or "1080."