Nick + Paige's Pinterest-Worthy Wedding!

P N2-copy.jpg

What a treat it was to film these two all day! Nick was just the sweetest guy and Paige looked like the very definition of a Southern Belle. Have you ever been lost in Pinterest, caught up in admiration for the adorable, creative ideas people have for weddings? THIS was one of those weddings - where every detail was so thoughtful, so perfect, so intentional! My type A/Monica-from-"Friends" personality was in heaven. Their theme was what I would call Southern-vintage in peach and mint hues. For the outdoor ceremony, cucumber water and strawberry lemonade were served as guests took their seats in front of a large tree, with different picture frames hanging as the backdrop. The bridesmaids each wore a different dress in a different shade of pastel. The wedding cake was bright and gorgeous, the reception hall was romantically lit and featured different centerpieces at each table featuring vintage-looking trinkets like clocks and old cameras.

All day long, Paige and Nick would get lost in each other's eyes and smiles, just the way it should be. As a result, their highlight reels is one of my favorites: