New! Anniversary Add-On

Anniversary Box We are so excited to introduce a brand new idea - something we haven't seen done quite like this before. The Anniversary Add-On! This unique package is the perfect gift to yourselves for your 1 year anniversary.

At your wedding, we'll casually pull guests aside and give them a microphone, asking them to record a message for you to see in a year. This can be advice, well wishes, predictions of what you'll be up to, inside jokes, you name it! These messages will be edited together and added as a bonus clip on a DVD that will remain locked inside a beautiful shadow box until your anniversary. Also inside the shadow box - a bottle of wine (or another beverage of your choosing) and wedding photo, so you can display it somewhere and wait with anticipation to watch your wedding video together on that romantic evening.

We are introducing this beautiful add-on at a special price of $135. This includes a bottle of Arrington Vineyards wine and a DVD inside an engraved stainless steel case. (This DVD is in addition to the one you already receive with your wedding package.) As always, please reach out to us for further details or any questions you may have!

- Naomi